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Children's Ministry



On behalf of our Children's Ministry, Staff and Volunteers, we welcome your child to First Church! Our Children's Ministry is one of the most important programs in our church.

Our vision is to establish in the hearts of the children an active faith toward God and His Word. To do this, we've devoted significant prayer, staff, finances and energy into developing the finest possible chidren's program. Directors Doug and Lori Long (as well as their team), minister the anointed Word of God to our children in creative ways. The vital truths of God's Word "come alive" through dramas, music, video, puppets, storytelling and much more.

Sunday School
Sunday morning at 9:45 for children of all ages.

Children's Church
The World's Greatest Children's Church

On Sundays at 11 a.m. (during the adult worship service) our 1st - 6th graders meet in the Kids Church room for a service designed specifically for them. Bible verses and lessons are presented through the use of puppets, drama, object lessons, visual aids and storytelling. The services frequently include games and prizes to encourage the children and reward them in their walk with Jesus. As with everyting at First Church, the Spirit of the Lord is always given liberty to move, even in our Children's Ministry service.


The "God Squad"
Code name for our Sunday Night Child Evangelism (3rd Sunday)

The fourth Sunday night of every month (during our evening worship service) is an exciting time for our chldren. Our Children's Ministry Directors, Doug and Lori Long (along with their staff) work to creatively connect children to the Word of God. This exciting and active service is filled with songs, games and Super Bible Heroes. Godly values are taught at an age-appropriate level. So while you are experiencing life-changing truths and worship at First Church, your children are experiencing it as well!

View The Swat Team with Puppets- , during a Sunday night Child Evangelism

Boys & Girls Club

Each Wednesday night at First Church (during the Adult Bible Study), children are given the opportunity to join with others their age for refreshments, games, and various activities that teach Godly values. Where at? Boys & Girls Clubs! All clubs are led by volunteer workers who have a heart to see children develop a healthy positive attitude toward God and His church.

Skippers (Ages 2-3)
Scooters (Ages 4-5)
Voyagers (Ages 6-7)
Pathfinders (Ages 8-9)
Trailblazers (Ages 10-12)

Kid's Choir

One of our favorite musical acts is none other than the First Church Kids Choir! And, if you join us on a Sunday when they sing, you'll quickly see why. At First Church, we believe in developing and nurturing Godly talent at a young age.

Our children participate in a number of musicals and dramas throughout the year. These various programs provide children with a wonderful opportunity for ministry and also serve as a fantastic opportunity for outreach, as children invite their teachers, friends and families.

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