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Jr. Bible Quizzing

The Junior Bible Quizzing Program is for children through eleven years of age. Competition is conducted on a sectional, district and national scale.

Currently we have approximately 800 teams across the nation. Every year we have around seventy-nine teams competing in the North American JBQ Finals.

The Primary objective of this ministry is to teach children the Word of God.

However, the program also helps to promote the following positive character traits in children:

- Self discipline
- Good study habitsJr. Bible Quizzing
- Team player attributes
- Positive response to winning/losing


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Senior Bible Quizzing

This program is available for young people age 12-18 as of December 31 for the following year. Each year around 500 verses from the Bible are selected for study, memorization, and team competition throughout the state and country. The Senior Bible Quiz team(s) compete in 3-4 out of state tournaments and 3-4 in state tournaments each year with travel on almost a monthly basis from January through September.

Bible Quizzing provides a great opportunity to learn more of Gods Word while building lasting friendships within the youth group and meeting young people from all over the country, learn teamwork, improve study skills and discipline, and have a lot of fun in the process.

There will be separate quizzing in both the Intermediate and Experienced Divisions at each BQE. The Intermediate Division is open to 12-14 year olds, as well as first-year quizzers in the 15-18 age group. Anyone who has quizzed through to a BQE in a previous year (that is, to that point in a previous season, regardless of if he or she actually attended a BQE) is NOT considered as a first-year quizzer.

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